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Principal’s Message


Ursula Hardwick

Davis Bay Elementary is an incredible hub of learning, experiencing and growing. With 2 distinct programs focusing on experiential, space-based, and place-based learning and an educational team dedicated to working with, and inspiring, students, community members and each other, Davis Bay is not only a school where the outdoors is in, but it is a place where a growth-mindset and passion for learning is ignited, nurtured and supported.

Our students are engaged in active learning both on-site and in outdoor classroom locations. As a school, we are committed to improving on sustainable practices – recycling, reducing garbage, composting – as well as increasing our knowledge around climate action and practices.

We value and welcome our community partners – they are an important and huge part of who we are and what we do – together we have cultivated and created an incredible educational community of learning and care… and care we do! I am extremely proud of our school, our educational team, our students and our extended community; together we have accomplished incredible things with more in the works and in the future to come… watch out!

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